Prestige Instructor Training provides driving courses for those interested in a career to become a driving instructor.

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All sorts of people become driving instructors. They also become driving instructors for many different reasons and for the right people, this is the best job you will ever do. So why do you want to be a driving instructor?

More control of your work/life balance. Choose the hours you want to work and take time off when you want. Better earnings potential.Averagefull time instructors earn B#26-B#35K per year. Job Security. No redundancy and a skill for life. It is your qualification and your driving school. To be your own boss? Put your family first and push your career where you want. Better Job Satisfaction? Go to work with a smile on your face, knowing you are doing a job you love. If any 2 of these things are important to you, you should be a driving instructor

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What our customers say.

"Many thanks for all your help. I have passed with a 5:5. I canbt believe I have done it. Many thanks again."

"I have passed and qualified. Thank you for all your patience and help. I would highly recommend Prestige instructor training. You have been brilliant!"

" The course was brilliant and great value I would not hesitate to recommend the Prestige instructor course."



10 Lessons

Beginners Package

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* Existing Drivers Only

PAYG OnlyB#21.50/Hr

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